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We proudly serve meads from local meadery Meridian Hive. These draft honey wines are lightly carbonated, refreshing, and showcase a variety of flavors

MH Blackberry.jpg


Available on Draft

Wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation combine to make Blackberry an amazingly refreshing drink

ABV  5.0%

tx keeper rose.JPG


Available In Can

A mesmerizing blend of tart lemon and blissful blueberry, our newest addition is summer in a glass. Light, refreshing and perfectly balanced, this beauty tastes a lot like sunshine feels.

ABV  5.0%


Available In Can

Peach is a sweet, crisp, refreshing drink for any occasion. Lightly carbonated to deliver a peach punch that compliments a lasting hint of ginger.

ABV  5.0%

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