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You've made it this far. You deserve a beer.

Here's how we're currently operating:

Beer Hall

1. A mask is required to enter the building. Make your way to the bar to order all food & drinks with a friendly beertender.

2. We have marked spots 6' apart on the floor, so you can remain socially distant while waiting in line & ordering.

3. Please use the QR code/laminated menu on the bar to see the food menu. Once you've ordered you will be handed your beer/other drinks at the bar. We will bring your food order to you when it's ready.  We will give you a black table number flag that we will use to find you for your food order.

4. Please find your table and remain seated unless you need to order more or use the bathroom facilities. A mask is required to move about the building. All tables have been spaced 6' apart for your safety & will be sanitized between groups of guests.

5. To limit contact, we ask that guests bus their own tables. Please dispose of all trash in one of the bins located throughout the building. Place your used dishes & glasses in the bus tubs provided.

6. We prefer credit card-only transactions & will open tabs for each guest. If you would like to avoid getting back in line to close your tab, we will close it for you at the end of the night with a 20% gratuity.

7. Please leave your black table number flag on your table when you leave, so we know to sanitize that table for the next guest.

BEER garden

1. A mask is required to enter the beer garden. Only remove your mask once you are seated at a table.

2. Beer garden seating is first come first served. Please seat yourself at any table that does not have a tall white number flag on it (those with tall white number flags need to be sanitized or are occupied).

3. Please use the QR code on your table to see the food menu. 

4. Once you're ready to order, please make note of your table number, so you can provide it to the beertender. Make your way to the outside bar to order food & drinks. 

5. The Beer Garden Bar is open every day (weather permitting) to order food & drinks.

6. If the Beer Garden Bar is closed, please come inside to order (a mask is required to enter the building).

7. Once you have ordered, we will give you tall white table number flag that corresponds to your table number, so we can find you for your food order.
8. While enjoying the Beer Garden:
• Please sit in groups of no more than 8 & remain 6 ft apart from other groups.

• Please do not move tables closer to other groups. They have been placed 6 ft apart for your safety.

• Please do not congregate in standing groups or block entrances and exits.

To limit contact, we ask that you bus your own table & dispose of your trash in one of the bins provided.  Place your used dishes & glasses in the bus tubs provided.

• Please lay the white table number flag down on your table when you leave, so we know to sanitize the table for the next guest.

We host private events for groups from 10 to 100. Whether you're looking for a place to have a holiday party or a baby shower, let us do the work & you take the credit!


speak to a human

We are a counter service establishment, so please order all your drinks and food with one of our friendly beertenders at the bar or in our beer garden out back.
We are a family-friendly establishment but for everyone's safety, all minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Running, rock throwing, games of chase are not permitted.  Unattended children will be given cold brew coffee and super glue.
We gladly welcome leashed dogs in our shaded beer garden but the health department prohibits any pets inside our building. We ask that your furry friends stay outside if you need to come inside. We make exceptions for certified service animals, but no other animals are allowed inside. 
Want to skip the line to close your tab? Since we don't keep cards, feel free to leave whenever and we'll close your tab with a 20% gratuity at the end of the night.