We feature unique and craft focused ciders from our favorite producers. With a focus on dry and effervescent ciders we hope to curate a refined experience that compliments our beer making style.


Texas Keeper Cider

Crafted from 3-12 apple varieties fermented individually and blended to build a well-balanced, dry cider with notes of ripe pear and melon, subtle rosewater, and honeysuckle, with a crisp green apple finish.

ABV  7.5%

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Original Sin

Black Widow is fruit-forward, yet tart, with a tantalizing complexity, made with blackberries and freshly pressed New York apples.

Wild blackberries are native across the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. They grow bountifully throughout summer and ripen to a plump juicy black color in August. They belong to the rose family, as you might expect from their thorny brambles, along with raspberries, strawberries, the stone fruits, and almonds.

ABV  6.0%


Auguste Cerise

Texas Keeper Cider

This is Texas Keeper’s take on a fruited cider – a blend of four apple varieties aged 6 months on lees and then double fermented with sour cherries. We finished the cider dry to bring out the complexity of the cherries and avoid the pitfalls of too-sweet cherry ciders. The result is a cider with honeyed cherry on the nose, ripe apricot and nectarine on the palate, and a gentle, tart finish.

ABV  8.9%

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