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Does a beer glass affect your experience?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Almost every beer has a vessel it would prefer to be presented in. In fact proper glassware can enhance your beer experience by presenting aromas that might have been overlooked if served in a standard pint glass.

Mugs and Steins

One of the most popular tradtional beer vessels is the Mug. With many different styles and sizes there is a beer mug for everyone. The ceramic beer stein is a classic that presents many different types of German-style beers apprpriately, and as such has many uses.

Stemmed Vessels

The other ubiquitous beer glass style that you will find in most places is the tulip. The round bottom and flared opening provide a boquet of aromas to accentuate beers with strong flavor profiles. Often Belgian-style beers are served in stemmed vessels to express these beers unique phenolic properties.


The most common American beer glass that you will find in almost every bar. This is the go-to vessel for any beer not lucky enough to have it's own glass. Universally lauded for it's efficecy and economic, you can fit plent of liquid in this glass and if you drop it nobody is going to cry unless it was full of beer.


Not many beer styles are luck enough to have their very own beer glass but Pilsner is the beer that conqured the world. Typically a tapered glass that is tall and slender that captures the effervescent quality of a Pils while maintaining its head. One of the benefits of this unique glass are that it showcases color, clarity and carbonation.

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